Monday, October 03, 2011

October Goals

Simply put, I have been relatively consistent with my running goals, but everything else - particularly strength-training and yoga - have fallen by the wayside. No more!

I start off the month preparing for the Towpath Half on the 9th. Then it's time to refocus. I want to work on speed and hills so I will be better-prepared for the Thanksgiving 4-miler. I also really, really need to get back into yoga and strength-training. Let's aim for:

Running: 20-22 miles/week
Yoga: 1x/week
Strength-training: 2x/week

That's a big jump from what I have been doing. Plus, I strained my right shoulder in late August or early September, and it's STILL tender. I was still doing weights and push-ups on it, which - of course - didn't help the healing. I suppose I'll take it easy on the strength until after the half - it should be fully healed by then.

Yoga is tricky, though. Because of GOTR, I'll be missing my regular class until after Thanksgiving. There are Sunday classes - one even by my favorite instructor (should I say yogi?) - but I am not good at making it to the gym on the weekends. Guess I just need to decide what's really important to me. Another conflict is that I often do long runs on Sundays.

I could also cough up the cash and go to a real yoga studio. But I'd rather spend that money elsewhere (I could use personal training sessions, running coaching, etc.).

I'm really looking forward to continuing my little running journey - I just hope I don't get injured!

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