Monday, October 03, 2011

Taper Week

They call this taper week, but since my mileage never really ramped back up, it's called the first week of October where I only run two or three times in preparation for Sunday's 13.1 miles.

I fear a cold is trying to take up residence, so this week will be all about hydrating and sleeping and Vitamin C. Hope those GOTR girls keep their germs to themselves this week!

I was going to go to the gym at lunch today, but I decided to take the week off from weights. Hopefully my strained? arm will be healed by next week. It probably doesn't help that I've been sleeping on it a lot - it's gotten cold, so Dallas wants to spoon.

It's lonely in my little world at work. One person doesn't regularly work in the office and won't be in at all this week, and the other two are out all week. While that should be good for productivity, too much silence gets to me and begins to distract me.

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