Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1962 Vespa VBB

When we got to Boston on Thursday night, Nate asked us if we wanted to go to shop night. Why the heck not?
Um, because I might run across something I want.

Round tail discovered at shop night in Boston
picture courtesy of Aaron

See, we'd already planned to swing by (haha) NYC to pick up another Stella engine for project to be determined later. I've now determined the project.

On Friday, we woke up to rain and decided to skip the run and just head back to the shop to pay Jason and pick up the VBB. It's like '57 Chevy blue. So obnoxious and awesome.

Taking delivery of my new Vespa
picture courtesy of Aaron
1962 Vespa VBB Roundtail

Of course, we didn't take a trailer out to Boston, so we had to figure out how to get the new bike home. Luckily Nate and Jenn are planning on moving to Ohio, so we were able to work out a plan: We took Nate's trailer and his very cool RD 350 home with us. I think Aaron's actually going to sell the trailer for Nate too, so it worked out.

Checking out the new Vespa
picture courtesy of Mary
Loading up new VBB
picture courtesy of Mary
Nate saying goodbye to the RD
picture courtesy of Mary
All loaded up, we headed out early on Sunday. With little traffic, we made it to NY in about 4 hours to pick up the engine. We were there for about an hour - the guy and his wife are the "oddscoot couple" and their place is its own subject. The collection was awesome - so many rare scooters that I've never even heard of. BEAUTIFUL too.

Anyhow, 11 hours after we left Boston, we were home. 30 minutes later, the garage was rearranged to accommodate the additional bikes. It's temporary - both of these will go to Aaron's dad's until Aaron is free enough to get to the VBB. (The RD will stay at Aaron's dad's until Nate and Jenn move to Ohio. Or until Aaron buys it.) Poor Aaron has so many projects right now: the C70 (which will be sold soon-after), the smallie (exhaust repair/replacement), the Stella (recabled) and the P200 (which is likely to be leaving the stable too).

I love that man.

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