Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Recap/Planning

Well, last week was a fail on the strength-training front. Shocking, I know.

I'm fine with the running front though:

Monday - 4 miles, hills
Wednesday - 4 miles, treadmill tempo
Friday - 4 miles, treadmill
Sunday - 8 miles

Not my best, but pretty much where I want to be on a regular basis (20 miles - with intention!). Two treadmill runs are not ideal, though. I heel-strike more on the treadmill, so I need to adjust for that (try to focus more on my form and not wearing my "minimalist" shoes on the treadmill).

Onto this week:

Monday: strength-train (I hope this isn't a joke)
Tuesday: run 4 miles (hills), GOTR (I'm teaching this week, so there won't be much running)
Wednesday: maybe run before work? weights after work?
Thursday: run 4 miles, GOTR
Friday: run 4 easy miles before work?
Saturday: run 6-8 miles
Sunday: rest

I didn't really set the plan very well, did I? This week is busy - after-work plans Tuesday-Thursday (including teaching GOTR), and I have to make chili for work and put together a Halloween costume for work (and for the weekend? weekend plans are not set, although we talked about Columbus... doesn't seem all that likely now, though).

Maybe my workout plans should be simpler:

Run 20 miles.
Strength-train twice.
Do one at-home yoga session.

Wish me luck!

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