Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Towpath Half-Marathon

I don't have much time to rest before my next half-marathon. A friend is doing his first, and Aaron and I told him that we'd do it with him. Unfortunately for me, the date is Oct. 9, which doesn't leave me much time to recover and train for PR. (And that date also interferes with scootering activity, but this running thing is clearly pretty important to me.)

(I'd love finish the Towpath Half at 2:15, but it doesn't seem likely that I'll be able to PR so soon.)

That said, I've put together a little training plan that I hope will help me complete the Towpath successfully. And I'm really trying to believe that "successfully" doesn't mean beating my time on the River Run half.

Click for better detail, although I wouldn't recommend that anyone follow my training plans!
So you can see my plan for this week - just two easy runs (in my new shoes!). I figure I'll work it hard next week and the week after and then taper prior to the half.

I've also cut back on the strength-training because I somehow strained my right shoulder. I did it a while ago, but I haven't really given it a chance to heal. Let's put it this way: I did pushups last Wednesday, and my arm is still sore - that's from more than pushups.

And you know what, I'll get that River Run recap up tonight! It's not like I'm really all that descriptive about it anyhow. I came, I ran, I drank beer and ate biscuits and gravy.

ETA: Here's the plan that Smart Coach from Runner's World came up for me:

I'm thinking I'll follow it, starting next week. This week, simply put, just has to be easy.

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