Friday, September 09, 2011

New Shoes!

I bought new shoes yesterday, and I'm super-excited to wear them. Unfortunately, I won't be wearing them until next week.

I bought the Women's ProGrid Mirage, which is kinda, sorta a minimalist shoe - so much less cushy than my Nike Vomeros.

They're really lightweight (and snazzy, which just makes me happy), but they will not be for longer runs yet. Because they're less cushy, tendons and muscles in my feet that don't normally work will be working - so they'll be a great training tool. And as I get stronger, maybe I'll want to use them all the time. In the meantime, my Nikes have some life left and will be used for longer runs. When they're done, I'll probably buy the Mizuno Waves - those felt like running on clouds!

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