Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This weekend is the Columbus Cutters annual rally, Scoot-a-Que. I'm now a Cutter (even though I live in Akron), so it's my rally too.

Being a remote Cutter means I haven't been able to help out for the rally, so it's important to me to get down there early on Friday so I can help set up, handle registrations, etc. That also means I have to take off Friday. No big, but unfortunately Aaron can't get the day off.

So I'm riding down, via backroads, on my own. Not a huge deal, but I think it makes Aaron nervous. Me too. It's still up in the air as to which bike I'll ride, but I'm leaning toward the Stella - it's the best for such things (larger gas tank, 66 mpg, 55 mph, storage, disk brake).

The only issue is that it tends to run a little lean (ordered a new main jet, but it's not here yet; richened up the mixture a bit in the meantime) and that it has new, non-broken-in tires. But I'll hit 10k on the trip! Excited about that.

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