Thursday, September 22, 2011


Ahhhh... it's almost the weekend - and time for Scoot-a-Que - but I have so much to do before rallying time. But at least it's good stuff.

I'm in the office until 4ish when I head out to coach Girls on the Run. I hope I remember their names! I hope they like my Hello Kitty on a scooter shirt. Wonder how many of them will notice the scooter in the parking lot. Afterward, I'll head home for dinner and miscellaneous tasks, including cutting off shorts and laundry. Oh, and I need to get ice!

But I have to get up EARLY tomorrow morning for this week's long run. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'm considering getting up with Aaron and running 5 with him in the neighborhood and then doing another 5 without him. 10 miles in the neighborhood feels really repetitive, but it'll save me time. Afterward, I think an ice bath is most definitely called for - running 10 miles and then riding down to Columbus could be stiffening to my body. (That sounds dirty, huh?)

I also need to pack my clothes and toiletries for the weekend, so Aaron can bring those down. I'll only bring down Friday night clothing (probably wear riding pants for the trip down). The route is pretty easy - in fact, it's already memorized (261W to 94S to 585W to 3S, right on Hudson, left on Summit) - but the weather forecast is ominous. 65% chance of rain, pretty much the entire way down. Oh well, I'll survive.

Yes, this post is really just my to-do list. Sorry.

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