Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Can you believe I took no pictures kayaking on the Muskingum on Saturday? Me neither, but I was concerned I was going to fall in and didn't want to drown my camera (I know, I could have wrapped it in a plastic baggy).

But no, I didn't fall in. I loved it actually. A leisurely 6 miles down the river. We signed up at Marietta Adventure Company in downtown Marietta, and then Ryan took our group (9 of us) down to the river. He gave us a little intro to the kayaks, and we were off.

We may have enjoyed a couple of beers while kayaking.

6 miles later after crossing the Ohio River, we ran aground and headed out for some dinner. So hungry! We ended up at Boathouse BBQ. Beer selection was lacking, but the food was pretty good.

After dinner, we headed back to our friends' house to quickly clean up and head out for some beer (the "ales" part of Rivers, Trails and Ales) and then a fire show. One of our friends down there is a fire performer, and he's GOOD.

It was a good weekend. Recap:

Friday night: 12 miles, dinner at home
Saturday: coffee, kayaking, barbecue, beer - and most of all, good friends
Sunday: lunch, home, dinner with Aaron's dad

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