Monday, August 15, 2011

Training Recap

Last week's training was not ideal - aside from kayaking, no cross-training or yoga. Three runs instead of four. But who cares - each run went pretty well, including Friday night's 12-miler (and I still ran 21 miles for the week!). 12 miles on a Friday night after eating Mexican for lunch! Under 12-minute miles for the run, so that makes me super-happy. I had two gels during the run (brought three just in case).

Of course, my half-marathon goal is 11:30 miles, so I'm not there yet - but it doesn't seem inconceivable, right?

This week's plan:

Monday: run 5 miles
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: run 6 miles
Thursday: strength-training
Friday: run 4 miles
Saturday: run 10 miles
Sunday: rest

As usual, the plan isn't ambitious, and there's no reason for the plan to not happen. Aside from me being a lazy bum. Saturday and Sunday might be swapped depending on what we decide to do for Cleveland's Mods versus Rockers. We're definitely going up for Saturday, but I'm not sure if we're spending the night. Shoot, I'm not sure if we're taking bikes or scooters! We'll see. It makes the most sense to just go up for the day and come home Saturday night - but I'm not sure that I want to miss the Saturday night festivities. We'll see.

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