Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Triumph Update

Recently Aaron took care of a couple of known issues for me, and my Speed Four is home again... but he's going to pull the tank on Thursday.

It all started with the misfire last month. Turns out, there's an issue with water getting down into the plugs and causing rusting, particularly on the outer plugs. This usually happens around 10k.

Speed Four Spark Plugs

See, rusty. Also during the job, he noticed that one of the spark plug wells had oil in it (you can see that one too), so I needed a new valve cover gasket. That wasn't a huge deal, so he had me order the gasket and figured he'd do it later. He put the bike back together and took it on a test ride. No misfire!

Triumph Speed Four

Triumph Speed Four

Triumph Speed Four

Triumph Speed Four

But it was leaking gasoline. We have another known issue with the fuel line fittings. Part of them had been replaced during a recall before I owned the bike; now it was time to do the other half. And while in there, go ahead and replace that gasket.

I love living with my mechanic. See, it runs!

Pretty hysterical when he accidentally knocks it into gear, huh?

My bike was part of the reason he didn't want to go to the rally this weekend. It wasn't a bad Saturday anyhow - got up early and headed to the shop (my first ride on the back of his Speed Triple). I mostly watched and held things in place while he put the Triumph back together. It was an easy enough job. Ride around a bit, then go home and go to Blues & Brews.

Unfortunately, he didn't use enough silicone when installing the new gasket, and it's leaking just a tiny amount. He wants to go back in and do it right. Who am I to argue?

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