Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last night we did an easy (haha) 4-mile run on the Towpath, but we started at a different spot, one much closer to our house actually.

We started off North Street at Mustill Store.

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There's, of course, a lock there:

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Clearly NOT what it looked like yesterday.
Just 2 miles out and 2 miles back. And we had the pleasure of running into a friend who was at the store for the volunteer cookout.

Mustille Store isn't really a store anymore. It's actually a little museum and gift shop (I think). As you can imagine, when the Towpath was in use years ago, stores like this were more common. Built in the 1850s, this is one of the few surviving buildings.

Apparently it was quite the popular spot back in the day: "When I was a youngster and the canal was booming, my father sold more groceries at Lock 15 than any other grocer in all of Akron. From 50-75 boats would pass every day and in the coming and going they always stocked up at the old lock," according to his grandson.

The store was closed when we were there, but we had 4 miles to do anyhow. I love how "4 miles" isn't that far anymore - it's just a regular run.

We have 5 miles tonight with the group. Hopefully I can kick some ass tonight.

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Andrea said...

I love the Mustill Store. We walk the towpath every weekend up to Memorial Parkway and back and Cascade Lock park is always where we start since it's close to where we live.