Monday, June 27, 2011

another 10k...

Oh my gosh, what a great weekend! Friday started off with a shitty run in the rain followed by work. Then we had a great dinner at Sweet Melissa's in Lakewood with Aaron's dad, aunt and uncle - things were looking up.

We got up Saturday morning, not quite as early as hoped, but it was okay. We went to Sand Run for our 6-mile run (went okay - felt good, but was slow). Then it was time to pack up the bikes (!!!) to head to Athens for the night.

I hadn't seen most of these people in years. It was so fun hanging out (I might have had a little too much to drink, but I was reliving college after all). We went to some of our old favorites (China Fortune, the Pub, the CI, the Smiling Skull, Goodfella's, the Burrito Buggy), and we hung out at a new favorite, Jackie O's, which feels nostalgic because it's in the same place as O'Hooley's.

(thanks to Heather for actually taking pictures)

Unfortunately we woke up to rain on Sunday. Totally unexpected.

So started a TERRIBLE ride back to Akron. Well, the first third of the trip was awful - constant rain. When we stopped in Zanesville for something to eat, the rain had let up. By that point, we just wanted to GET HOME, so we hopped on the highway for a hundred miles to get home faster. At least the highway trip dried us off some. My new leather jacket definitely got broken in this weekend. But most exciting? I hit 10,000 miles on the Speed Four (about 6,000 miles in the four years I've owned her - PATHETIC - I am not clearly not riding her enough, but I have to spread out the love).

When we got home, we had to wash the bikes immediately. They were horribly dirty, thanks to the first part of our ride home. Aaron also washed the Stella, so I felt compelled to take her to work today.

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