Monday, August 29, 2011

Ice Baths

Well, I did it - I had my first ice bath.

I've been reading about them, and so many people swear they are essential to recovery and remaining injury-free. Since I knew we had the 9k race on Saturday and 13 miles on Sunday, I thought this might be the perfect week.

After talking about ice baths with one of our running coaches, Aaron agreed.

Sunday's 13.1 miles were long and hard, but it's so nice to know that I can run a half-marathon (I've signed up - it's on!). On our way back to the house, we stopped and bought two bags of ice.

The plan was for Aaron to go first. He showers in the basement, but the upstairs bathroom has the better tub. So, the plan was for him to ice-bath first, then shower. While he showers, I'll ice-bath.

While Aaron was preparing the ice, I made us chocolate milk (for the recovery!). Then I heard the noises from upstairs. Eventually Aaron made it into the bath where he sat for 10-15 minutes while reading a magazine (he's wearing boxers!).

Then it was my turn. Sorry, no pictures. But lots of squealing until I finally settled in with my book.

The ice bath was both horrible and not that bad - and will likely become a common occurrence for long runs.

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