Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Juice Beauty

Ever go through those stages where you feel like you're spending money like crazy? I'm in one.

I get a good promo code for a t-shirt from VaVaVroom, so I have to buy one. And I ended up screwing that up. First, the website wasn't updated so the shirt I wanted was actually out of stock. Instead of taking that as a sign to cancel the order, I ordered a replacement. It was cute - but too big. Of course, I'd already cut off the tags when I realized that. It just didn't seem worth it to ship it back. Thanks to the great promo code, it was only $15. I'm hoping it'll shrink, but you know how it goes - things you want to shrink never do.

Then it was mystery shirt day at Woot, so I got one of those. Then I had to buy some Triumph parts. And some scooter parts. And additional running gear (and I still need to buy new shoes before my discount at the running store expires). And race entry fees. A rally fees.

And skincare products. Juice Beauty has a great deal going on right now - free concealer with purchase! (Join their email list because they often have GREAT promotions.)

I started with the skincare line (am eagerly awaiting my cleansing milk, the blemish serum and the moisturizer that I ordered recently), and when they started carrying makeup, I was thrilled. And thus far, I love it. I've been using the foundation and have been eager to try the concealer - perfect opportunity! So I just placed an order for more foundation, the spot treatment and the freebies. Now I just have to wait.

And I think I also need a second job so I can pay for all this stuff!

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