Friday, August 26, 2011

Have you lost weight?

This question. It baffles me.

In the past year, I've lost about 10 pounds - nothing dramatic - but apparently it's starting to be a little noticeable. This is good, right? So why do I feel so offended when people ask me if I lost weight? I can't help but think, "how bad did I look before?"

In any case, with me, it's more weight shifting, maybe better muscle to fat distribution. And it's been a really slow (and steady? and sustainable? if I keep running 20+ miles per week - which isn't unreasonable) weight loss.

And, really, if I'm honest, I need to lose another 20 pounds (and aside from the running - which really isn't that helpful for weight loss - I'm not doing much to facilitate weight loss).

When I've noticed that someone has lost weight, I try not to compliment that vague aspect. "Losing weight" isn't necessarily a good thing anyhow. What if they've lost weight because they're sick or super-stressed or something? But I do try to compliment people regularly, but focus on something specific like how toned their arms are. (Or in the case of one weight-losing friend, encouraging her to buy clothes that fit!)

I don't know. It's hard. I never want to insult people, but I do like to applaud hard work. (So congratulations, self. You've been sticking with your half-marathon plan and have been increasing your endurance - and your speed is starting to follow suit.)

Oh, and I'm NEVER going to comment on a near-stranger's weight. I'm just not. That's weird. You don't know me - I could be going through something horrific that's causing me to lose weight. Thanks for bringing it up.

But mostly I'm being overly sensitive. I know that generally people mean well and have good intentions. So thank you for noticing the changes that are coming from my hard work. I hope I can keep it up.

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