Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Work has begun.

On Saturday, we finally began to resurrect the 1970 Honda C70 Cub. We meaning Aaron did the work, and I held something when required.

Step 1: Replace the front sprocket. All the C70 experts say to replace the stock 14-tooth sprocket with a 15-tooth sprocket. Doing so decreases vibration, and there might even be a slight speed boost - VERY slight, like a mile or two.

Sometimes I take pictures of myself, MySpace style. Remember MySpace?


Step two: New tires and tubes.


Finally, a little happiness:


There's still work to do, but Aaron changed the oil and installed the carb today. I need to order points/condenser and new bulbs all around; plus, I'm waiting on my chain to arrive. Soon, I shall ride the Cub ... and then decide if I want to keep it. 

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Tricia said...

ha! 'myspace style'