Thursday, July 28, 2011

Virtual Friday

Last night WAS a good run. Maybe the stars aligned or maybe this positive attitude thing works.

Happily today is my Friday. It's luau day in the office, so I am wearing the closest thing I have (along with super-cute high heeled mary janes.

It's gloomy outside and chilly inside, so despite the cheerful dress, I am drinking hot chocolate in the hopes of warming up.

After work, I'm hoping to run up to the motorcycle shop and pick up the parts I ordered last week. Aaron has visions of finishing up the Triumph today (so I also have a change of clothes and gear in the car in case I have the opportunity to ride the bike home tonight).

Tomorrow is my 11-mile run! I'm kind of looking forward to it. Then we head to Buffalo. I will do my best to take lots and lots of pictures this weekend.

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