Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ah, the joys...

I'm surprised I kept my whining about Monday to a minimum. Luckily my super-duper handy boyfriend was able to replace the faucet with little issue. I wasn't much help - holding things still when necessary, handing him stuff, maybe using some pliers to try to help loosen the base, etc. - but someone as skilled as Aaron doesn't need help, right?


God, I hate that faux finish on the walls. It's so gross. Even if I didn't mind that shade of green in the kitchen (lime green is more my thing), the finish horrifies me. (In fact, I can't believe it wasn't a deal-breaker on the house; shoulda been.) But not enough to spend the time and money redoing them. The effort wouldn't be worth the time I spend in the kitchen.

In any case, I'm not spending time in the kitchen tonight. I have a 5-mile run (that is going to go well!) and then we'll eat dinner out. Possibly at Taco Tonto's because that's perfect for seeing Patrick Sweany at the Zephyr.

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