Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time for the weekend update.

I haven't updated, but I have been busy.

Friday night was dinner with a friend at the Geisen Haus and then off to the Carriage House to see Signal 30 (Aaron's cousin's band):

Saturday was Vintage Motorcycle Days where I found the bike that matches me:

VMD was definitely a neat event, but it was freakin' HOT. Sweat constantly. I drank so much water that day. Then it rained, so we got chilled. Saturday night was easy - dinner and a couple of beers at Lockview and then early to bed for Sunday's long run.

Sunday was a 10-mile run! It actually went okay, despite the major dehydration from Saturday's outing to VMD. I ran the entire time (aside from the times I had to stop running to get around huge mud pits). Not speedy, but under 2 hours, which is good enough for me. Unfortunately, there was a little collateral damage. Nothing major, but I think I tweaked something while navigating the muddy trail. I've been icing, and I took yesterday off am taking today off. I should be okay to run tomorrow night (I'll pop some ibuprofen beforehand just in case). Then we have 11 miles on Friday before heading to Buffalo with Aaron's dad this weekend. I'm hoping that we can get in a 3- or 4-mile run while in Buffalo, but I'm not counting on it. (So we'll see a major decrease in mileage this week.)

Looking forward to the weekend is good because looking back at yesterday makes me cranky. First there was the 15% chance of rain on the way to work, which - of course - meant I got drenched. DRENCHED. I sat, chilled, in soaked jeans for a couple of hours before I decided to work from home. Then last night while making dinner (my version of Dan Dan noodles, which was AWESOME - so good that I feel like I should record what I did so others can enjoy), the kitchen sink faucet broke. Water bubbling up, on high. HUGE mess. At least the countertops are really clean?

Today is already better than that. I'm skipping yoga tonight to a) rest my ankle/calf and b) buy a new faucet.

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