Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

This weekend went quickly. As usual, I guess, but I was kind of hoping to decompress this weekend (in preparation for my busy next two weekends). As planned, we ate at home on Friday night, but then went out for a few beers. I only had four, but that was enough to make Saturday morning's four-miler a little slow, I think. Need to work on that, huh? After we ran Saturday, we hung around the house before heading to Columbus, err, Delaware, Ohio, for a wedding. Sunday morning, we cleaned up and met the Cutters for brunch. A trip to Iron Pony and the grocery store and then it was time to watch the Mavs beat the Heat. Then bed.

No riding at all this weekend, but I spent money. Last August's wreck on the Triumph scarred up my mesh jacket and even older wrecks scarred up my Olympia mid-weight jacket, so I've been looking for replacements. At Iron Pony, I found a killer deal on an Alpinestars mesh jacket (it's red, which isn't ideal, but at least it's not black). I also found a decent deal there on an Alpinestars leather jacket. I went back and forth and ended up going with the mesh because it's more critical.

(the mesh)

I also need tires for the Stella, so when we got home yesterday, we checked prices on Motorcycle Superstore. For kicks, we also checked to see if the leather Alpinestars jacket was available. It was -- and at a greater discount! So yeah, I bought two jackets yesterday, and today isn't warm enough for the mesh (the leather would have worked nicely, but it's not here yet).

(the leather)

Last week's workouts weren't fantastic: 13.5 miles run, one strength session. I'm just following the HM plan and not worrying about extra mileage. But I really should follow the plan more closely and get in my cross-training workouts. June is a crazy month, so I'm just focusing on getting in my runs and letting the rest of it just happen. (Just let it happen.)

Speaking of... this entire week is really just preparation for BAND CAMP! I need to hydrate and sleep as much as possible because Band Camp is a killer rally. I wonder what will happen?

I also need to (finally) clear off my camera. I have Band Camp, then a mini OU reunion. June is flying by!

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