Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Training Begins!

Half-marathon training officially begins tomorrow. We'll pretend that's why I took a little break from running (yesterday was the first time I'd run in June). Not that I'm lazy -- that I wanted to reset.

I suppose I should recap May a bit. I ran 58 miles and threw in some speed, tempo, strength and yoga sessions, but nowhere near the consistency I need. I'm hoping this training program -- that I PAID FOR -- will help me stick with it. Homework, you know.

I'm looking forward to the group runs. I've been doing more running with people other than Aaron, and it definitely motivates me. It's easy for me to just let Aaron go ahead, not so easy with people I don't know as well.

It sounds like my current level is more than appropriate for month 1, so I'm pretty pleased about that. Maybe I can focus a little more on speed. Plus, June is busy, so long runs will be on my own mostly. There will be a couple of Sundays in August -- which will be toward the end of our training -- where I'll have to do long runs (real ones, not 6-milers) on my own. That'll test me, right?

It's supposed to be hotter than hell tomorrow, which could have a catastrophic effect on my after-work group run. Guess I'll have to super-hydrate during the day. I can tell I'm not used to running in the heat, but I suppose I'll adapt. Or die trying?

I have some vague goals for the HM, but it's too early to talk about them. Plus, I still need to do a 60-minute 10k so I can get my lucky cat tattoo. I only have to perform a 10k as well as I did my last 5k ... that was an easy course where I ran my ass off. I would think 11-minute miles would be reasonable for the HM, right?

The training program isn't supposed to be about time, but I can't help but think about time. That's normal, right? It's about more than finishing. (I might be happy to just finish the Corsette, but I want to do better for this... and for next year's Corsette, but that's totally getting ahead of myself.)

I hate to say this, but I think I'm also going to have to focus on diet more if I want to have a good, respectable HM. It worked before the 10k -- avoiding red meat in the days before the race, hydrating, cutting back on alcohol -- so obviously I should continue. And maybe do it consistently. Clearly I can do it all -- rally, run and eat poorly -- but I can also improve my diet to improve my rallying and running. I may be reaching a bit with the rallying, but it goes to figure if I am fueling better, I'll party better, right?

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