Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I finished!

The Corsette was a success, despite the fact that I didn't win -- or come close to winning (Seema was the winner, which was awesome; her boyfriend ended up winning the Corsa -- such a winning couple). Day 1 was spent mostly on my own, navigating the Maryland and Pennsylvania countrysides. I had a small issue with my gas can early on and never caught back up with the group. I certainly got turned around a lot, but I never got so lost that I was all that concerned. I did have a pretty slick navigational setup, thanks to Adam and his piloting days. It's essentially a clipboard that attaches with Velcro to your leg. Worked very well, actually.

I also found out that it's imperative that I run 93 in my smallframe. The bike pings on 91. What a hot piece of ass.

Between the bike pinging and the route going through Philadelphia, I decided to run day 2 with the touring crowd (as opposed to trying to win; I also didn't think it was possible to make up an hour-plus on day 2). That ended up being pretty fun, despite two roadside fixes (one took a really long time). But by the end, we were just DONE. To fuel through the last 60 miles or so, we made our own checkpoint.

We were so damn happy when we finally made it to Wildwood, though! The Corsette was great, and I'll definitely do it again. I'm already strategizing about how to be "in it to win it." Boo ran well and will do better next year, thanks to some additional tuning that's in store. And I'll definitely do a test ride BEFORE the race so I know whether my touring setup will work -- and I'll have Octane Boost with me next year in case I have to fill up on anything lower than 93.

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