Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stupid Blogger

I normally have no problems with Blogger, but I guess there were posting issues not too long ago and today I've been unable to log on. But I just tested posting with my phone and it worked, so I'm assuming that I can post with my email too. 

Last week was kind of a low-mileage week (ran three times instead of four). Oh well, no big deal. I ran 13+ miles (one speedy tempo session) and also managed one strength-training session, two yoga sessions and one cross-training session, so I consider that a success. 

I typed up my "plan" for this week, but I realized I'm going to have to wing it all week -- and do mostly morning workouts. The weather isn't looking great, and I really need to finish breaking in my scooter (almost done!). We also have plans after work tonight and tomorrow (and sorta Thursday - need to take the smallie by Aaron's shop after work, but the weather isn't looking promising). The Corsette is next week! Kind of snuck up on me.

I keep saying this, but I really need to commit to strength-training. Perhaps I should dole out the cash for a personal trainer - that'll MAKE me do it, that's for sure. Probably best to wait until after the half-marathon, though. It's funny that I can get myself out of bed (often) to run, but not to strength-train. And when I go at lunch, I don't feel like I work hard enough because I'm planning on going back to the office.

I ran this morning, and it felt rough. Time was under 11-minute miles, so I'm okay with that. Not all runs can feel great, right? Normally I would go to yoga tonight, but we have dinner plans with Aaron's aunt and uncle.

Looks like I'm doing a 5k on Saturday. I'm hoping to PR (of course, at my level, PRing every race is still a reasonable goal). Let's hope for speedy, breezy and downhill!

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