Thursday, May 26, 2011

My posts have no point or theme, so headlines are hard.

Half-marathon training starts soon. In the meantime, things are pretty hectic with back-to-back (to-back-to-back, etc.) out-of-town trips -- including the Corsette! -- so I'm just taking it easy with running. I'm ahead of the program a bit, so just maintaining for the month of June will be fine. July and onward will be when I really start to increase my mileage. (I know I don't need to do the program and that I develop one of my own, but the big reason I paid is the group runs. I think they'll be really motivating for me -- and I'll be more confident doing group runs after this!)

It was raining this morning and will likely be raining after work, so I'm going to the gym after work. Maybe yoga and running. I hate the treadmill, but I'm thinking a speedy interval workout might do the trick. I hate doing high-speed intervals at the gym, though -- I know I look horrible (super-red face, for example) and I'm always concerned that others are worried about me. How narcissism am I?! No one really cares.

In other news, the smallframe is essentially broken in and ready for the Corsette. Aaron has it at his shop (again) because he wants to adjust the cables and do a plug chop. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that a plug chop isn't literal. I could do it! I tried to do a top-speed run last night, but it was slightly uphill. 53.3 mph, GPS-verified, so not too bad.

Today is a day it would be awesome to work from home. It's clear and kind of sunny right now -- perfect time to go for a run outside. Unfortunately that's not in the cards for me today unless the weather shifts a lot today. Which is possible. The weather is changing constantly this week (there was a tornado warning last night, actually, and some people claim they saw a tornado; regardless, there was some severe weather last night).

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