Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Eek! It's Wednesday!

At 58, my mileage for May was lower than April; however, I ran two races: the Cleveland 10k and the (Marietta) Sternwheel 5k. PRs for both! Of course, I'd never done a 10k before so anything would be a PR, but on the 5k, I had my first under-30 finish! Very exciting.

I should do a wrap-up of my goals for May, but it would be an embarrassing failure. I did a few tempo runs and a few speed runs, but not what I was supposed to do. Yoga took a backseat a little bit too.

This month is going to be a bit crazy: I start my half-marathon training (eek!), and we're gone EVERY.SINGLE.WEEKEND. A scooter race, two rallies, a wedding and a trip to OU. Maybe a 10k on the wedding weekend and a 5k on the OU weekend. Mid-year sales meeting.

I am finalizing preparations for this week's Corsette. Tomorrow's Corsette! I am nervous that the bike will seize (that I'll wreck?) and that I'll get super-lost. The bike is as prepared as it can be, I suppose. I'm working a half-day today and then heading home to finish packing -- and prepare my route! Aaron couldn't get today off, so I didn't see any reason to take the full day off.

I really need to finalize my route! I'm still debating how to do it for ease of use -- and Aaron's of no help -- but I guess I'll figure it out this afternoon.

This afternoon, I have to:

* go to Target
* run (I hope - this is the easiest thing to cut if I feel like I'm running out of time)
* finish packing
* prepare route
* make copy of route for Aaron so he can find me when the bike seizes

Let the June madness begin!

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