Monday, May 02, 2011

May Goals

This month, I want to focus on *good* runs, not just getting in mileage. I'm still aiming for four runs a week, but I want to have a speed workout, tempo run, long run and one junk run for fun (4ish each). 60 miles for May would be good, but I think I'll be happier if I actually complete the tempo and speed runs that I have scheduled! Tonight will be a tempo run at the gym (stupid rain). I also want at least two strength and one or two yoga sessions per week. It's not really that ambitious, just a sensible increase from month-to-month.

After the 15th's 10k, I will reevaluate, though. I don't have any races scheduled, so I'll have to add another one to the calendar (a couple of 5ks and another 10k maybe - we'll see how the 10k goes).

The WKRP camping rally was FUN. Great weather (rain Saturday night, but I actually missed it all -- I was either sleeping or inside the pavilion). Unfortunately, I did not win the smallie, so I will not be doing the Corsette (so I will be jealously working while Ali, Seema, Mary, etc., are doing it). I shall, however, meet up with everyone at the East Coast Classic. My smallie had its first break-in ride this weekend, and all went well. Now if only this weather would cooperate with my break-in! I need to get about 800km on the bike by ECC.

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