Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Project Break-In

Originally I was going to do an 800km break-in for the smallie, but I think I'll be okay with a 500km break-in -- still a long ways to go, though. Despite the rain last night, I took out Boo for a 10km ride. It was cold and wet! But the bike was running fine. Only 21,123km to go!

It's not as fast as it was previously, but if it doesn't seize, then that's okay with me. Actually after break-in, I might consider getting another exhaust, which should help.

In any case, the idea of me doing the Corsette has come up again. A few things have to fall in line, but maybe. Regardless, bike has to be broken in before the East Coast Classic anyhow.

And it won't stop raining! If it's not raining tomorrow morning, I'm taking Boo to work (don't care if it's raining on the way home; okay, I care if it's POURING, but a little rain isn't that big of a deal, right?).

In other news, today is Aaron's birthday. We're going out to dinner (and I'm using a Groupon, but he knows and finds frugality sexy, so it's okay) at Papa Joe's. I've never eaten there, but I'm looking forward to it. I am so lucky to have Aaron. He's such a great boyfriend -- and he looks damn fine on a P series.

(Thanks to Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky for this awesome pencil drawing!)

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