Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Branded Woman

I am now a branded woman! Yesterday, I finally redeemed my gift certificate:

Triumph Tiger

Immediately following the tattoo, the tiger looked quite vicious:

Violent tiger

I also got my daisy touched up.

touched-up daisy

I know the artist felt like my daisy is silly, but it reminds me of being 20 years old and relatively carefree. But I am glad it's touched-up. Maybe someday, if I leave the corporate world, I'll go nuts and get my chest all tattooed up!

I do love the tiger, though. The artist really wanted to do something bigger, but it's just not me. I did briefly consider it, but can you imagine me with a 10-inch wide tattoo?! I had a printout on my shoulder, and I did like the way it looked, but it was just TOO BIG. Maybe someday.

And of course, I'm already thinking about the lucky cat. Unfortunately for me, I am quite far from running a 10k in an hour, but I think I can do it!

Speaking of running, I really wanted to run this morning, but my quads are KILLING me. On Tuesday, I let Jillian Michaels kick my ass via the television and a weights workout. And of course, that means that I need to do it again! Strengthening my quads will help me as I ride my beautiful Schwinn Debbie this spring/summer/fall.

Schwinn Debbie

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