Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's jersey day at work!

It's jersey day at work!
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Today is our last once-a-month-fun event for work, and it's tailgate-themed -- hence, the vintage (haha) Aikman jersey. I wish it were a girl-cut jersey, but I'm super-glad that a) it's not pink and b) that it doesn't have those stupid stars on the shoulders! I have a Romo t-shirt, but it's too small for my massive breasts (sarcasm -- I'm just too big for it). I'd also really like to get a Witten and maybe a Ware shirt or jersey.

September was busy. October, just as busy, if not more so. Trying to keep up with the running -- quickened my pace a little -- but I didn't run this morning. I'm thinking even a 20- or 30-minute treadmill run tonight would be a good idea. I'll definitely run Thursday.

Friday, we're taking Aaron's dad's RV to Gettysburg for our last scooter rally of 2010. I'm dreading the fuel receipts for the trip, and honestly borrowing something so big and valuable makes me nervous. BUT I will be very, very glad we have it when it's in the 40s overnight. Gettysburg is a camping rally.

I really need to make a to-do list.

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