Monday, September 27, 2010

Super-hot red shoes

Super-hot red shoes
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This is just about the only picture from this weekend's wedding -- picture-taking wasn't allowed! -- but these shoes deserve their own post anyhow.

We went east for a wedding. We stayed in Danbury, CT, but the wedding was in Bedford, NY at the Bedford Post Inn (www. Gorgeous location (although I hear the rooms were rather pricey!).

Champagne was flowing, and that's mostly all I drank. I danced a lot too. No Bernadette, but Like a Prayer was played at my request.

A(nother) weekend of excess always leads to (short-lived) motivation to clean up my life, especially my eating habits. But dinner last night included chicken wings and a couple of beers. There's no hope.

This morning's run was atrocious. Atrocious. I wasn't feeling it at all. Both of my shoes came untied. I got stuck at lights. Tomorrow will be better. I think all of the toxins are gone from my body now.

Now onto my first five-day workweek in a while. Must. Power. Through.

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