Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An inspiration?

It frightens me when someone says that Lady Gaga is her inspiration. I see Gaga as someone without substance, a continual facade. Why would anyone aspire to that?

I don't deny she's a smart -- it takes brains to take no-talent and manage to become a legend (in her own mind at least). Of course, I'm assuming she's leading her own parade, and we have no way of knowing that.

It makes me sad that "musicians" like her are making crazy money while thought-provoking, truly talented individuals struggle to fill a bar.

Her music is atrocious, and her singing ability, unremarkable. Think about it, she has to go so over-the-top in her performances because there is absolutely nothing remarkable about her music.

There's a story about how she came up with her stage name, and her Wikipedia entry recounts it. Then follows up with "The New York Post, however, has reported that this story is incorrect, and that the name resulted from a marketing meeting."

Her entire act is the result of a marketing meeting. I will say, however, that I dig the whole "little monsters" thing.

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