Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NSP Wrapup

the burnout
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Aaron did a killer burnout on Adam's RD at the rally last weekend. Unfortunately it resulted in a "talking to" from Sprunch and Alex. Aaron found some camping gas and was able to clean up the marks left behind.

oops, left some marks

cleaning up to avoid being banned

There was also a beer bungee. I was too slow to get involved -- I wouldn't have made it past round 1, I bet -- but Adam killed it. Unfortunately for him, the bungee's integrity became compromised, resulting in a Dance Off Pants Off to find a winner. Adam (thankfully!) wasn't willing to go for it quite like the winner (let's just say Sprunch referred to a brillo pad and some acorns -- and they were swinging from the rafters!).

NSP, last rally of 2010.

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