Thursday, September 23, 2010

Repairs are forthcoming!

Repairs are forthcoming!
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The radiator is off the S4. Now to find a shop that can -- I hope! -- repair it. I really, really hope that it can be repaired because spending $550 on the radiator is extremely unappealing.

I also need a new thermostat for the S4. We figured $40 because it seems all Triumph parts are at least $40, but it's about $30. (Of course, all of these repairs and parts are counting on my insurance check, which I still haven't received, even though the insurance company has verification from the state that the title is now a salvage title. I should have the check next week -- I hate carrying a balance on my credit card! I'm tempted to transfer money from savings just to pay off the balance.)

I hate having these unrideable bikes. It's just not me! The Primavera has an air leak. Hopefully replacing the manifold sleeve will fix that. Carbs are pricey ($100+). Now that the Primavera's official debut keeps moving further and further out, we're just going to do the new cables. Looks like the cables were generic and, thusly, too long.

Oh, hello, Cordelia. Thank you for being my reliable beast.

Not exactly flattering ...

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