Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's dinnertime.

I should have taken a picture or two, but let's just say that Ritz crackers make a great breading. The recipe that Jess at Run Girl Run blogged about a couple of days ago (Easy Baked Chicken) inspired me to make something similar.

I followed the recipe, but I added hot sauce to the Greek yogurt. I also added parsley and cayenne to the Ritz crackers (in addition to the pepper). I served it along with roasted green beans and red/yellow/orange peppers and a side salad. Not a bad dinner.

I also prepared the slow cooker for tomorrow's barbacoa. I hope that it turns out okay - I've never done crock pot barbacoa. I need to pick up some salsa since I forgot to buy it when I went to the store Monday night. (I'm sort of following this recipe.)

Cooking only twice a week is perfect for me!

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