Thursday, September 16, 2010

Follow-through isn't always my strength...

I registered for a 5k this morning. This isn't the first time I've done that. I'm hoping this'll be the first time I've actually followed through with the 5k. I know I can run the 5k, but I'm embarrassed by how slow I am. I have just over a month to prepare, so maybe I can work on my speed.

The 5k is also the same day as a friend's 30th birthday blow-out in Parkersburg, so I guess I'll run the race, go home and shower and head south. It should be fine - hopefully I'll be in an excellent mood because I just completed my first 5k!

In other news I got my salvage title for the Triumph. Sad, sad day - the value of the bike just plummeted, thanks to the non-clear title.

Speed Four's new identity

Oh well, rebuild title to be obtained next spring, and I have another season or two on the S4. Tonight, we're taking the S4 home to await its repairs.

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