Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick trip to Boston

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Last weekend was a quick scooter-hauling trip to Boston. I've been there three times now, but this time was spent mostly hanging out with Ali and Nate's dog. We did go out Saturday (to two places -- Redbones and Sunset Grill -- we'd been before), but the intent, really, was to pick up Ali's new smallframe Vespa (lucky, lucky girl!) and to bring back a smallie that someone bought from Nate.

The weather was pretty awful -- not too awfully cold, but raining pretty much the whole time. The benefit to crutches is that people are willing to drop you off in front of the restaurant so you don't have to hobble three blocks to your destination!

I almost decided not to go, but I figured I'd just get depressed sitting around the house alone. I did my best to ice and prop over the weekend, and I think it worked out okay. I go back to the doctor today, and I'll hopefully get the okay to start bearing some weight on my foot.

I did bring back my own souvenir: a bottle of Absolut Boston. It's vodka infused with elderberry and black tea and is quite delicious with ginger ale.

I also brought back a cold, but I'm kicking that one out.

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