Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Latest Xrays

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Today, it's been 18 days since the doctor put a peanut plate into my left foot to fix a break. I've been off crutches for a week (a glorious week!), and the doctor took out the stitches today.

I am overjoyed because he told me to keep wearing the boot the rest of this week and that I can start experimenting with REAL SHOES this weekend.

In Vegas.

Yes! I can get in a pool and wear real shoes in Vegas if it feels okay. He told me to bring the boot in case there's pain (I figure I'll just wear the boot on the plane; I'm certainly not giving up valuable suitcase room for that damn thing).

And I'll be off the boot altogether next week. Meaning... I'll be able to ride at WKRP in April!

I go back in 3 weeks, and that's when I should get the okay to start running again. Unfortunately, after about 2 months off, it'll be a lot of walking. I'm going to make Aaron run with me before work though, so that'll be fun. Well, fun-ish.

I'm so thankful to be close to wrapping up this foot thing!

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