Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poor Me.

I'm just feeling sorry for myself this morning. It'll pass by noon, probably.

I went back to work yesterday, and I guess it was a mistake. I felt okay most of the day, but by the end of the day, the foot was throbbing. It was all I could do to get inside the house. In fact, I nearly fell trying to get the screen door open while hopping up the stairs. I admit, I had to put my foot down for a second and it hurt.

I collapsed on the couch and took off the boot to discover a swollen foot. When Aaron came home, he prepared me my ice bag. When I went upstairs to take a bath after the kick-ass dinner Aaron made for me (pork chops and mac-and-cheese), I realized that my foot was quite purple in addition to being swollen.

The color is better, but the swelling remains.So I am spending ANOTHER day on the couch in elevation and icing mode.

The biggest bummer of this sort-of setback is that I'm supposed to go to my friends' house in Parkersburg tonight and then head to another friend's house in Boston tomorrow. I think I might have to back out and send Aaron alone. I'm concerned that I won't be able to elevate and ice it enough and that I'll end up on crutches longer.

On March 26, I have a trip to Vegas with a non-refundable plane ticket, so I need to be as healed up as possible. As is, I'll be rocking the sexy boot, but I don't want to screw up anything and be on crutches and unable to go.

I have my to do list for the day -- writing and researching for work -- but the primary course of action is ELEVATE and ICE. At least I have iTunes and my kitties to keep me company... for days. And my to do list doesn't include feeling sorry for myself, so I need to get over that and just be productive.

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