Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Plan

I didn't add my weekly plan to the recap post, so I'm going to think through the week right now. I want to be flexible, but still keep building mileage and staying on track with HR training. I would like to get back to around 33 miles for the week, so generally that looks like 5 miles Monday-Thursday and 13 over the weekend. It shouldn't be a problem to hit strength two or three times, and we'll dog-run as the weather sees fit.
  • Monday: 45- to 60-minute HR run + strength + maintenance
  • Tuesday: 45- to 60-minute dog run + maintenance
  • Wednesday: 4-mile pub run (expected HR over aerobic limit) + maintenance
  • Thursday: 45- to 60-minute HR run + strength + maintenance (could be just dog run + maintenance)
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 30- to 45-minute HR run + strength + maintenance
  • Sunday: 10-minute run (tentative plan: first half at 150 HR, second half at 160 HR) + maintenance // this might also be a mid-length trail run of 8 miles or so
"HR run" means keeping the heart rate under 150, but I'm thinking I'll let it go to 160 for my long runs. If I keep it under 150 for the first half and let it go to 160 for the second half, that should work okay (although I'll be dreadfully slow and make everyone wait way too long for me -- that's where HR training is really tricky). 

I'm also tracking my morning heart rate, and it seems that three beers results in a HR in the high 60s in the morning. I checked six mornings last week, and it averaged 65.5. I'm starting off well this week. I had two beers last night, and my HR was 59 this morning. That's a new low for me in the morning! (I just checked, and it's 56 right now.)

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