Sunday, February 14, 2016

Training Recap - 02/08 through 02/14

Last week, I hit 33+ miles, so I wanted to be around 30 for this week. However with the 10k trail race on Sunday, I knew the weekend in running wouldn't be as much. Here's how it worked out:

30+ miles in six runs, including one trail (race)
1 legit strength session
1 extra core session
5 maintenance/Myrtl sessions

ETA: I checked my heart rate six mornings out of seven last week. I averaged 65.5. I would really like to see that drop to the low 60s. Beer consumption affects it (two versus three beers seems to be the line).

Pretty successful week, actually.

Monday: 4.82 miles in 1 hour (136 avg HR) + 20min strength & maintenance
It's weird: I was looking forward to running easy all day, but once it was time to run, I just wasn't feeling it. After 1.5 miles, I stopped running altogether, but about a mile later, I felt ready to run again. I was at home, so I did some full-body strength-training after. I really need to get more serious about that.

Old pic of Rajah
Tuesday: 4.61 miles in 1 hour (dog running, 145 avg HR) + Myrtl
I took two dogs out in the snow last night, and we moved pretty well considering all the stops they like to do. (Those stops are convenient for me, too, because they keep my heart rate down. I think that's cheating, but that's my life.) One of the dogs is a husky mix, so she was loving the snow. Rajah is a senior pup (11 years old!), but you'd never know it with the way she likes to run. With the snow coming down, I felt like we should be in a commercial.

Wednesday: 4.5 miles (10:49 pace, 162 avg HR) + Myrtl
It was cold and snowy for last night's run. The paths weren't very clear, which is why my HR was so high even though the pace was so slow. Also I was really hoping to hit 20 miles in my runs Monday-Thursday, and being short of 5 miles on Monday-Wednesday makes me need to hit just over 6 for Thursday. We'll see - that's a long time to run on the treadmill at a dreadfully slow pace. I don't think I foam-rolled at all, but I did do my normal Myrtl routine. 

Thursday: 6.1 miles running (11:47 pace, 145 avg HR) with 0.3 miles walking to cool down + 15 minutes core & Myrtl
I ended up at the gym for this (stupid snow). I'm on track for 30 miles for the week so that's good. Because I spent over an hour running at the gym, I went home after, but I got in some core work and my Myrtls while watching tv.

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.61 miles (12:28 pace, 147 avg HR)
Spent ~45 minutes on the treadmill before heading out for the day. Nothing much to speak of. My HR was a little high, so I had to keep dropping the pace and/or walking to stay under 150. I had three beers the night before, so I think that was to blame. 

Sunday: Dirty Love 10k trail race (12:19 official pace, 172 avg HR with 189 max) + Myrtl
I definitely need to recap this, but it went well -- mostly because I felt really good throughout the race. Negative split, passed a lot of people.

ETA: Here's the race recap for the Dirty Love 10k.

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