Monday, February 08, 2016

January Recap

(Oops - never finished this so I never published it.)

Given the weird calf issues and general out-of-shapeness, January turned out okay:

Walk/RunRunAvg RunRunsTrailDog

Fast MileSpeedAvg PaceTimeper day


I also started doing more heart rate training, so I'm not even going to really look at my overall pace. I've slowed WAY down (which is fine and to be expected), but it will be useful as HR training progresses, right?

I've also started tracking my average resting heart rate (first thing in the morning, before getting up). I only have four days in January, and the average was 64.5.

Heart Rate
AvgMaxRestAerobicToo High

* The only race I did in January was the Dirty Snowflake Prediction Run where I finished third.

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