Saturday, February 06, 2016

Hadd Test

I did my first Hadd test on Saturday morning. It's basically 5x2400 with 90 seconds rest at varying heart rates. I structured mine like this:
 1.5 miles at 140 HR
 1.5 miles at 150 HR
 1.5 miles at 160 HR
 1.5 miles at 170 HR
 1.5 miles at 180 HR
 1.5 miles cooldown
So 9 miles, which was the farthest I'd run in quite some time. My results:
 9 miles in 1:45:17 at 11:42 pace
 142 at 13:59 pace
 151 at 13:21 pace
 161 at 11:45 pace
 171 at 10:15 pace
 181 at 9:09 pace
Newton Gravity IV
The first two repeats were dreadfully slow. In the first one, I stopped to walk a lot. Second was better, although there were a couple of walk breaks. Third and fourth, I felt normal. Fifth, I felt like I was pushing some, but generally felt fine. I think I'm used to being at a higher heart rate.

There's not much to say right now as this is really a baseline result. Clearly my heart rate is too high, which indicates poor aerobic conditioning. I'm looking forward to repeating the test in six weeks to see if I've improved. 

Overall, I enjoyed the workout. It was pretty easy/very comfortable for much of the run, and I looked forward to pushing the pace on the last rep. I've since adjusted the workout on my watch because I had the target pace at the top of the intensity range. That meant even at 1 or 2 beats over, the watch was alerting me. I changed the alert so that now, for example, the range is 148 to 153 for a target 150 HR. That should work better. 

Nutrition notes: I did go out Friday night to a beer tasting and to a bar. I had soup, a taco and chips for dinner (along with a Diet Coke). Between the tasting and the bar, I probably had three pints. I went to bed around 11:30 and got up around 7:30, so decent night's sleep. I ate a bagel (half with butter and half with pb&j) and drank a cherry lime caffeinated Nuun before the run. It was around 30 and sunny for the run itself. I carried water and took a Roctane strawberry kiwi gel at 4.5 miles. 

Gear notes: I wore Saucony convertible gloves, Brooks ear warmer, Brooks Utopia tights, pink Nike top with kangaroo pocket, Injinji socks (of course), Newton Gravity IVs. Fourth and longest run in the Gravity IVs, and they're dirty AF. I think I like them, and I am totally bummed that my store isn't carrying Newtons anymore. 

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