Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Training Recap - 11/16 through 11/22

Oh look - the last training log I started.

Monday: 4 miles, 42 minutes, NB 1400
Target: 30 minutes, easy
I met a friend for a dark run on the Bike & Hike. It was fine, although I wished I'd worn my light gloves. I didn't feel good, nor did I feel bad. I note that I really need to get my running back on track. It's the 16th and I hit 50 miles for the month (will I even hit a hundred?).

Tuesday: 3.5 miles, dog running, 55 minutes, Newton Fate
Target: off, XT or 30 minutes, easy
I had my sweet Puggle Penny again and then a cocker named Andy. Both are from puppy mills, very sweet and joggers, not runners. I should probably not hang out with Penny anymore seeing as how she climbed into my lap and I nearly took her home.

Wednesday: 5.75 miles, 56;30, Newton Distance
Target: cruise intervals for ~8-mile workout (6x1k + 3x200m strides)
We skipped the pub run so we could get home earlier and get stuff done before going to Asheville this weekend. Because of the unpredictable weather, we ended up running in Kent. It was fine, and I finished well. I am disappointed that I continue to not follow the plan and wonder if I should just ditch the idea altogether.

Sidenote: My Garmin has been giving me fits. It's just over 2 years old, and the charging contacts are really pitted. I've been working with Garmin Support, which sent me a new charger back in May. That didn't fix the problem. I'm still limping the watch along (replacement options are disappointing: another 610 for $99, which is fine, or 20% off another watch, but not the 230, 235 or 630, which is a shitty option). The upside is that I finally got my Timex Ironman OneGPS+ watch that I won a while back. I'll do a full review/comparison, but early indications are that it's not going to work for me long term (no accelerometer, have to do workouts ON THE WATCH, touchscreen doesn't work with gloves).

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