Monday, November 16, 2015

Training Recap - 11/09 through 11/15

I want to make these recaps more useful for me, so I'm going take a more analytical view of the week's training. Here we go!

What went well: My effort was on point this week. I had a little health issue and skipped my Tuesday run, and I think that was fine. Between the hill workout and the 5k, I did try to accomplish something. I'm also pleased with two dog runs!

What I can improve on: I need to do a better job preparing for a workout, and I also need to be more IN the range rather than on the low end of the range. I also need to balance the dog running better (more minutes and lower mileage are fine, they just need to be balanced by solid runs).

Daily Recap:
5 runs
21+ miles (target 24-28)
242 minutes (target 240-275)
0 strength
3 Myrtl

Monday: 4 miles, 56 minutes, dog running + Myrtl (Newton Fate)
Target: 30 minutes, easy
I ran two dogs Monday night: 1.65 miles with Danny who wasn't much of a runner and 2.35 miles with Herman who could be a great runner but is easily distracted right now. A yellow lab mix, Danny is a little portly and also very intent on marking EVERYTHING. Herman is a young Boxer with energy in spades. He's also super-sweet and knows how to sit.

Tuesday: unplanned rest
Target: 30 minutes, easy or XT (optional)
No one needs the details here, but it was fine for me to skip this run. Bummer though. Officially moved my hill workout to Wednesday.

Wednesday: 5.4 miles, 49:57, Saucony Kinvara 5 + Myrtl
Target: hill run (warmup, 6-8 repeats, cooldown)
The intent was to do a warmup then do six to eight repeats of a hill that would take me 60-75 seconds to run up (recover equal distance) and then do my cooldown. Well, where we ended up running initially seemed perfect, but the hill (a bridge actually) took me around 30 seconds to run. So I ended up doing 10 or 12 repeats of that hill (pretty quickly - the last one was at a 6-minute pace... of course it was only for like a tenth of a mile!). The cooldown was done with the group and was faster than ideal, but since I didn't actually perform the workout as designed, I had plenty left.

TL;DR: Didn't do workout as designed, but the effort was solid. Good first attempt.

Thursday: 2.5 miles, 48 minutes, dog running, Newton Fate
Target: 30 minutes, easy or XT (optional)
Good thing this was optional because I didn't really get "running" dogs Thursday! (This is where the optional runs/lower mileage of McMillan fits in well right now. If I'm going to follow Hansons again at a later date, my dog runs will have to be on days where I double.)

Friday: 6.1 miles, 60 minutes, New Balance 1400 + Myrtl
Target: 60-75 minutes, easy (usually my rest day, but wanted to save that for Saturday)
First run in my new shoes! It was super-windy and the middle miles were right into it.

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Hot Chocolate 5k, 28:11, Newton Distance III
Target: 5k race
I ran under a friend's bib, and she was corralled way farther back than I would have been. (We were BEHIND the 13-minute pacer, for example.) The race was crowded, tons of walkers (walking several abreast), people holding hands, etc. I am confident that I ran faster than a 9:05 pace, and I had a great kick. After a late bedtime and a terrible night's sleep, I'm happy with it.

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