Saturday, October 31, 2015

Yamaha RD350

So I turned 40 years old this week. For my birthday, my awesome boyfriend got me a 1975 Yamaha RD350 (also, according to the frame sticker, manufactured in 10/75 so it's even more perfect!).

I first rode an RD a few years ago when Aaron's brother brought his to Bandcamp. I loved it.

It fits me well, is light and nimble and quick. It's a two-stroke, so it goes well with my scooter addiction. I finally rode it a tiny bit last weekend, and I am going to love it. There are some things we're going to do as preventative measures (nothing wrong with it, totally unmolested bike). As evidenced by this video, its only real problem is that it doesn't have rearset pegs (YET):

Because it's so original, we're not going to mess with it much, at least not anything that would make it impossible to return to stock. So the fenders will not get any holes, no repainting (except for the oil tank because the left side is ruined). I'm looking at cafe seats, and we'll put lower bars (not clipons, though). And my much-needed rearsets. Hope this winter is short!

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