Thursday, October 29, 2015

Home Run for the Homeless

I've run the Home Run for the Homeless every year since 2010. This Thanksgiving race is the only fundraiser for Gennesaret, which is a nonprofit that provides shelter and food for the homeless. It's well-run with plenty of food afterward. Even though it's small, there are tons of kids (fast ones, college runners) and plenty of fasties show up so there's no placing in my age group here. For example, last year was my best time, and I finished 16 out of 76 in my age group.

In 2010, it was my second official race (about a month after my first 5k, which also benefited the homeless), and it's hilarious to look back at my race recap. I remember that it was raining and that Aaron and I were sincerely concerned that they might cancel the run or hardly anyone would be there.

The challenging 4-mile course runs mostly through Glendale Cemetery in Akron. My watch always measures a little short, and with the few hundred feet of elevation gain and the rain/cold that always accompanies the race, I need the extra time to make my pace kook better :)

My official history of the Home Run for the Homeless:
  • 2010: 43:28, 10:52 pace
  • 2011: 39:46, 9:57 pace
  • 2012: 39:17, 10:21 pace - There was a course change that year and they measured the course at 3.8. Oddly enough I just noticed that my watch time - 38:32 for 3.9 miles - is way different from my official time, which was 39:17. Also I don't remember why I had such a bad race that year. 
  • 2013: 36:48, 9:25 pace
  • 2014: 35:11, 8:47 pace
Compare that to my watch times (don't have data for 2010):

So there's been real improvement over the past five years, and I'm really hoping to continue that. I can't have plateaued yet! I've taken the two weeks after the Columbus half very easy, so I should be ready for some speedwork next week. Tentative plan for the three weeks before the race is to run six days a week, not too long, mostly easy, with one or two speed workouts thrown in weekly. For speed, I won't be doing any of the Hansons stuff, at least not the length. I'm thinking 6 miles with 5x800s, tempo miles and 6x400s. Before the Home Run for the Homeless, there's also another Munroe Falls trail race, so that will be like an effort run. So something like this:

  • Week of 11/02: 30 miles with 5x800s (7:52) and a trail race
  • Week of 11/09: 35 miles with 6 miles (4m at 8:54) and 8-mile long run
  • Week of 11/16: 34 miles with 6x400s (7:52) and 7-mile long run with 5m at 8:51
  • Week of 11/23: race week! short, easy runs then race on Thursday

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