Tuesday, September 01, 2015

August Recap

I finished August .68 miles short of 200 miles. I kind of knew, but wasn't sure down the decimal how close I would be. I was tempted to add the .68 miles, but I was showered and it seems a little... crazy. I try to be relaxed about my training, but c'mon, I'm not. Stopping short of 200 miles is step.

Mileage: 199.32 (25% hard mileage, 75% easy/recovery mileage)
# of runs: 26 (2 on treadmill, no trails)
Average length: 7.67 miles
Average pace: 10:22
Races: 1 - Parkersburg Half-Marathon
Fastest mile: 8:34 at the end of a five-mile half-marathon pace set
Rest days: 4, none unscheduled

I ran my numbers in a pace calculator to see how August and July compared. August felt quicker, and it was! In July, I ran 170 miles at a 10:31 average. I'm pretty proud that I ran more miles at a faster pace. I'm still running LOTS of easy mileage, but the pace runs and "strength" runs (longer intervals) are going to help bring the overall pace down.

Looking at things like this is helpful. I tend to become discouraged, especially when I compare myself to other people ("Comparison is the thief of joy"). And I know it's silly. This is my training, my goals, my ability. But sometimes it's hard to accept that natural talent plays a role.

You know what else plays a role? Nutrition, sleep and rest. And strength. So there's plenty for me to work on!

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