Monday, August 03, 2015

Weekly Recap: Week 7 of Half-Marathon Training with Hansons

I ended the seventh week with 43+ miles, one failed workout and some fatigue. The usual.

Monday: 8 miles w/ three 1-mile repeats under 8:42 (8:22, 8:23, 8:18), Saucony Kinvara 6
Target: 8 miles with three 1-mile repeats at 8:21 to 8:42 pace, 800m recovery jog
With 90+ temps, I again took my speedwork to the treadmill. I think as long as my pace runs are outside, I'm good. My watch and my treadmill disagree on pace, with my watch saying I'm running faster than the treadmill. My treadmill is 15 years old, and it definitely feels like I'm working harder than the pace it shows! Regardless, I hit my paces, and it was hard. I walked a tiny bit after the second and third miles and then finished the recovery jogging along.

Tuesday: 6 miles, 10:55 pace, Brooks PureFlow 2s (and they are DEAD)
Target: 5 or 6, easy
Aaron and I met some friends for this HOT run. I took it easy and felt okay, although it was like 90 degrees.

Wednesday: 7 miles, three miles at 9:12, 9:34, 9:14 so FAIL, Saucony Kinvara 5
Target: 7 miles with four at 9:09
It was super-hot again, and I should have I altered this workout by shortening it (which I ultimately did), switching it to Thursday or going inside. I hydrated well beforehand, it was just HOT. I warmed up, ran the first two "pace" miles, took an unscheduled quarter-mile recovery jog and then planned to do two more pace miles. After one, I quit and just jogged it in. It just wasn't happening. Longer recap of this run is here.

Thursday: 5 miles, 10:22 pace, Newton Fate
Target: 5 or 6, easy (depends on what I do Tuesday)
I'm really starting to prefer having an easy recovery run after hard workouts (versus a rest day). I was pleasantly surprised (again) at how decent I felt even though I had that difficult run on Wednesday. I think I might keep my speed workouts to Monday and Wednesday.

Note: Thursday's run brought me to 170+ for the month of July -- that's amazing!

Friday: rest

Saturday: 12 miles, 10:39 pace, Saucony Zealots
Target: 12, long
I repeated last week's long run with 8 miles on the towpath and the last 4 on the hill. It went about the same, actually. I felt decent, ran completely up the hill and felt great coming back. I'm really hoping that incorporating the hill onto tired legs will help me gain strength. Hasn't killed me yet!

Sunday: 5.3 miles, 10:52 pace, Saucony Zealots
Target: 5, easy
Blues & Brews was Saturday, so we were a little dehydrated for this run. Plus we didn't start until after noon, and it was HOT. I wanted to do a new route since there's a new bike & hike open near us. The route was great, but not very shaded. I don't think I could have run faster if I'd tried!

Upcoming Week:

  • Monday 8 miles, speed/5x1000s with 600m recovery
  • Tuesday 6 miles, easy
  • Wednesday 8 miles, speed/4 miles at HM pace
  • Thursday 6 miles, easy
  • Friday rest
  • Saturday 10 miles, long
  • Sunday 6 miles, easy

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