Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Speed Workout: 12x400s

Tuesday's workout was a 9-mile evening run with a 1.5-mile warmup, 1.5-mile cooldown and 12x400s in between (with 400 recovery). I haven't been doing anything like that, and I was concerned how it was going to go.

My paces for the 400 repeats (I just did quarter-mile to make it easy to program the watch) was to be 5k to 10k pace or 8:21 to 8:42. It was a struggle, and I really only made it through all 12 repeats thanks to a friend pulling me through the final ones.

The good: I averaged 8:39 for the repeats, so overall, I was within the range. Seven of the repeats were 8:37 or 8:39, so over half were "consistent." My calf didn't bother me during the run (wore compression sleeves again), and it's not hurting the next day. Also, having a friend with me was clutch -- I needed the encouragement and the gentle prodding to get me through all 12 repeats.

The bad: It was truly a struggle, especially toward the end, and two of those repeats were over range (#5 at 8:54 and #11 at 8:44). I ranged from 8:29 to 8:54, and I would have liked to see more consistency/progressively getting faster.

I planned to meet a friend who was going to do a 1-mile warmup. I got there before him and started running. I stopped after a half-mile to wait. He ended up being later than expected, so I ended up finishing up my warmup and starting my repeats. I think I had just finished #3 when he started running with me.

I feel like I cheated on my workout because I stopped a few times during the recoveries for water. I probably spent about 5 minutes on stops. I also walked a little on the recoveries of the last two or three repeats. I almost didn't complete the cooldown, but I did -- and I'm glad. My legs were DEAD after the repeats, but they felt better after another 1.5 miles. (Need to remember that when I want to cut the cooldown short.)

I would say I ran the warmup a little too quickly (10:15ish pace), but the cooldown was around a 10:45ish pace, so perhaps I could have done a little better on the repeats after all?

I was really intimidated by this workout. 12 repeats seemed like a lot, but I was still hoping to speed up for the final ones. That didn't happen. However, I always struggle with pacing, and these workouts will help with that. I wasn't sure what that pace even felt like.

I'm both looking forward to next week's workout -- 8x600s at the same paces -- but I'm a little concerned. I struggled to stay in range for 400, but there are fewer repeats. I should be able to do it.

But before that, I have a race to do on Saturday: the Thirsty Dog 8k.

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